Agenda: 27th August 15

There will be a meeting of the Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board on 27th August 2015 at 2pm in UNISON offices, Belford Road, Edinburgh


1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Presentation from the Government Actuary Department (GAD)

“Preliminary results of the cost-cap calculations/ methodology”. (linked to Workplan Item 8)

3. Conflict of Interest – Policy and Proposal for Recording
4. Minute of Last Meeting and Matters Arising
Scheme Advisory Board Work Plan – Review of Activities

  • Response from the Deputy First Minister
  • Work Plan Item 2 – Data Collection Template
  • Work Plan Item 5 – Fiduciary Duty

6. Joint Secretaries’ Bulletin – Pension Choices and Liberalisation
7. Funding Issues for Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme

  • Paper and Presentation from Hymans Robertson
  • Paper – Cessation Valuations and Impact on Community Admission Bodies

8. Review of Regulations – Issues Arising
9. Communications Policy
10. Training/Learning Opportunities for Board members
11. AOB
12. Close


Future Meeting Dates for noting:

Thursday 26th November 2015 2pm COSLA Offices
Thursday 25th February 2016 2pm UNISON Offices


Download LGPS SAB Minute – 30th April 2015 (DOCX)