Agenda: 25th May 16

There will be a meeting of the Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board on 25th May 2016 at 2pm in COSLA Offices, Edinburgh.

(Pre-meeting and lunch facilities will be available for Board Members and advisers at 1pm)


1. Nomination of Chair and Vice Chair
2. Welcome and Apologies
3. Conflict of Interest Declarations
4. Minute of Last Meeting and Matters Arising
5. Ministerial Governance of the LGPS following Scottish Parliamentary Elections
6. Scheme Advisory Board Work Plan – Review of Activities
7. Financial Report
8. Annual Report (Draft)
9. Structural Review – Scoping Paper
10. Fiduciary Duty – Guidance
11. Cessation Valuations – Good Practice Guidance
12. Review of Regulations – Update Paper
13. Communications Update – Website Demonstration
14. Public Sector Pension Governance Review – SPPA
15. Review of LGPS (Scotland) valuations and employer contribution rates – Section 13
16. Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure from SPPA
17. AOB

Future Meeting Dates for Noting:
Thurs 29th September 2016,
Weds 23rd November 2016,
Thurs 23rd February 2017


Minute 25th February 2016